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We are a team of diverse professionals that care about efficiency, conservation, and the environment.

Using advanced Energy Data Systems to support energy accounting and utility management, we assist Utility Companies and Commercial organizations in developing a sustainable culture that continually eliminates energy waste and consequently reduces energy usage and costs.

We work closely alongside ENERGY STAR initiatives and have helped several of our clients achieve Partner of the Year status, the highest level of recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

We're here to help you save energy and money.


New Energy Technology (NET) is led by the same people who developed The Utility Manager™ software. Comprised of Northwest homegrown professionals who live and work in Olympia, WA, this team is passionate about protecting the area's beautiful environment. With more than a century of combined experience in software and development for energy information systems, they are committed to changing the way America consumes energy.

Charley Haupt


Charley has spent 25 years in the energy management industry with the goal of designing, developing and implementing energy information systems. In recent years, however, Charley’s experience has refined his focus into culture change for the purpose of sitebased conservation. His passion is clear—to empower people to save energy, as people are the ones who truly make the difference between conservation or waste. By implementing a conservation culture and allowing for easy, meaningful analysis of energy consumption, Charley is changing the way America’s commercial buildings use energy.

Bob Hart

VP of Software Development

Bob has spent the last 35 years focused on the creation of software supporting the presentation and analysis of energy consumption and cost data. Along with his partner, Charley Haupt, Bob designed and built The Utility Manager, the first Windows-based energy accounting software. As Software as a Service (SaaS) began to trend, Charley and Bob created the EnergyCenter from the framework of The Utility Manager. Utility Manager (UM) family of energy accounting products included support for deregulated energy procurement, supply contract management, the ENERGY STAR Automated Benchmarking System (ABS), emissions reporting, and interval data (IDR) collection and analysis. UM’s invoice processing features have been utilized by some of the largest corporations in the US to keep their energy bills paid and to collect valuable consumption and cost data in the process.

EnergyCenter provides online access to energy accounting and several other energy management functions, such as sophisticated reports and Interval Data. This allows energy management professionals to run a comprehensive program from any computer.

Our Team:

Delivering EnergyCenter and client specific services is our teams: Data Quality, Software Development, Advanced Energy Management (AEM), Customer Service and Training.

Data Quality

The Data Quality Center is responsible for the accuracy and presentation of data to clients, taking sophisticated utility usage data from various sources (Utility invoices, advanced metering (15-minute Interval Data), ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, etc.) and translating it into an easily readable format for specific target audiences.

Software Development

The Software Development team makes sure the platforms for NET's programs remain cutting-edge. Keeping up with the fast-paced world of technology, this team strives to continually improve our Energy Management Information System (EMIS)/EnergyCenter with new ideas for enhancement and upgrades coming directly from our clients, both end users and utility companies.

Customer Service / Training

The Customer Service / Training Team exists solely to ensure the satisfaction of all NET's clients. The team's extensive experience in the industry provides clients with user-friendly, step-by-step training on the use of NET's products and services.

Advanced Energy Management (AEM)

The AEM team focuses on assisting clients in their efforts to first build and then grow a high performance conservation culture. To be good at growing an organization’s conservation culture requires a diverse skill set that includes, but is not limited to: energy/utility managers, “people” people, operational/behavioral improvement experts, energy/utility analysts, graphic designers, copywriters, animation specialist, web designers, marketing/promotion professionals.

Bottom line: Bringing energy/utility use into perfect alignment with a facility’s daily schedule, operation and maintenance eliminates all energy waste delivering significant cost savings.

Our Mission:

Empower as many people as possible to actively participate in building and growing a high performance conservation culture in the facility they work and/or support.

To set the record straight
- to share the Truth:

Energy / Utility is not a “Fixed” Cost, but is a “Variable” Cost and needs to be managed as such.


Energy savings are achieved almost exclusively through retrofits (capital projects) replacing old equipment and systems with new.


While retrofits are an important part of any organization’s energy/utility management program, DuPont one of the largest manufacturing organizations in the world determined that building and growing a high performance conservation culture is the foundation for maximizing and sustaining the success of any energy/utility management program (click here for a copy of DuPont’s white paper).

NET is committed to changing the way America consumes energy and basic utility resources (energy, water, wastewater, refuse, recycling). For over 25 years, NET’s founders have been working to create the most comprehensive and easy to use (intuitive) Energy Management Information System (EMIS) that empowers all walks of people with the right information at the right time to make better decisions and achieve better results.

Success Stories

Click here for several examples of a facility based high performance conservation culture.

AEM Intern Case Study

AEM Intern, Helps Store Leader Save Energy!

AEM Intern Case Study

AEM Interns Provide Actionable Information At Your Fingertips
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AEM Intern Case Study

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