What is EnergyCenter?

The EnergyCenter is a web-based energy information system designed to support all aspects of a sustainable, high-performance energy management and conservation program. You can collect, track and interpret energy/utility data quickly and easily, all within the same program, which streamlines all your daily/weekly tasks empowering you with “ACTIONABLE” information.

This “one stop shop” provides access to energy accounting, 15-minute interval data (IDR) and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, as well as features to track energy/utility retrofit projects and implement highly effective conservation programs that grow a high performance conservation culture delivering sustainable long t erm results.

Energy Accounting Database

Easily organize and track the information required to accurately measure and assess the performance of your Organization, groups of facilities, each facility, every utility account and meter (line item detail). Click here for screenshots.

Interval Data Recorder (IDR)

Understanding and monitoring changes in a building's electricity use and cost profile is essential to growing a high performance conservation culture that generates 15 25% monthly/a nnual cost savings. The EnergyCenter's IDR feature is designed specifically to help you reach this goal. Click here for screenshots.

Advanced data display and interpretation tools

An extensive library of reports and graphs allow users to slice and dice data in most any combination. From tabular reports to colorful graphics, review or compare current usage and cost to historical patterns or rank facilities based on a range of statistics.

Avoided cost functionality

Measure your savings and gauge the effectiveness of conservation efforts with methodology that follows the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol Option C (IPMVP), the industry standard for energy service companies, engineers and utility companies. Yes, the EnergyCenter simultaneously accounts for the effects of square footage, weather and production metrics all defined by the end user.

Savings Action Plans

Plan, organize, catalogue, implement and manage all your energy/utility projects whether a retrofit “hard” measure or a conse rva tion “soft” measure using the EnergyCenter . Packed with tools ranging from Facility Walkthroughs to Capital Projects to Operational and Maintenance (O&M) Activities to fa cility based Checklists, EnergyCenter empowers the right people with the right information at the right time to take “ACTION” and achieve results.

Other features include:

  • Greenhouse Gas: Utilizing the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) eGrid emission conversion factors or create your own to determine your C02 reduction performance for each of your facilities.
  • Production Metrics : User defined production metrics (# of widgets, hours of operation, # of operating days, etc
  • Weather Data : Over 1,300 NOAA weather stations receiving hourly temperature and humidity, plus monthly Heating Degree Days (HDD) and Cool ing Degree Days (CDD)
  • Occupancy Schedules : Input or import facility daily operating schedules
  • SOPs : Input every facility’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure institutional knowledge does not leave with employee tur n over. Note: this feature is the very cornerstone to building and growing a facility based high performance conservation culture.
  • ENERGY STAR : Synchronization with Portfolio Manager for ENERGY STAR Scores and benchmarking reports

Additional Services to Enhance Your EnergyCenter Experience:

NET offers a wide range of optional, add-on services that maximize the value of the EnergyCenter to our customers. From training options to database setup to data import and review, NET can customize your EnergyCenter experience to your organization's specific needs.

In addition, if your organization is ready to explore building a high performance conservation culture, and/or grow your existing conservation culture, NET is ready to help. The first step is taking a tour of EnergyCenter via a walk through Demo (click here to request a Demo)

The EnergyCenter is a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) application. All software and data reside on servers that are maintained and operated in a secure data center.

Get Started!

See for yourself how EnergyCenter 4.0 can make your job easier and more effective. Try it out at no cost or significant effort from you. All you need is an internet connection and browser, and you can take the EnergyCenter for a test drive.

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