Our Mission

Our goal at New Energy Technology (NET) is to empower organizations to save energy and money. To provide these advanced energy management solutions we have developed customized, user-friendly software—the EnergyCenter—for the following market segments:

  School Districts

School districts can cut energy costs while also providing applied learning opportunities. By employing principles from the STEM curriculum and integrating ENERGY STAR tools, the EnergyCenter helps school districts develop a sustainable culture of conservation that saves energy and money, all while providing real-world education for students.

  National Retail Chains

Large retail stores can save energy and money by participating in the EnergyCenter’s comprehensive energy management program by learning how to best manage equipment scheduling, seek out potential energy waste through interval metering, and involve retail associates in targeted conservation behaviors. These actionable energy activities are designed to easily fit within the daily schedule of a busy retail manager.

ENERGY STAR is an integral part of our strategic planning. Through combined implementation of their initiatives along with NET's software solutions, cutting-edge behavioral programs and promotional campaigns, our clients reduce their energy usage and cost by up to 30%—all by utilizing low-cost and no-cost measures.

The common belief is that energy savings are achieved almost exclusively through high-efficiency equipment and retrofits. While this can indeed facilitate savings, the real power to save lies with the building's own occupants and caretakers. When the right energy-saving habits are established and the right tools are made available, people are empowered to save more energy and reduce costs. NET is here to help businesses set and sustain these Best Practices with remarkable ease.