Our Clients

JCPenney has been using the EnergyCenter and working closely with New Energy Technology (NET) since 2007 and has also taken advantage of many of NET’s energy management programs and support options. NET has helped JCPenney win the first-ever ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award for large retail in 2007, followed by eight more years of Sustained Excellent awards. Since 2008, JCPenney has reduced its energy use by more than 20%, saving tens of millions of dollars.

Garfield RE-2 School District (Colorado) has raised its average ENERGY STAR rating from 64 to 87 after using the EnergyCenter. This has resulted in a cost savings of $250,000 per year that can now be directed toward education spending.

Gresham-Barlow School District (Oregon) has used NET’s products and services for over a decade. As a result, they have received eight ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year awards—more than any other school district.

Kenton County School District (Kentucky) has cut energy use by more than 30% after using the EnergyCenter, translating into a cost savings of more than $3.9 million. Using NET's Advanced Energy Management, which included a student intern program, Kenton has also bolstered its real-world learning opportunities. And for three consecutive years, Kenton has received an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.

Evergreen Public Schools (Washington) has upgraded to the EnergyCenter in pursuit of more sophisticated utility tracking. Evergreen's Resource Conservation Manager Dave Cone adds, "Through the EnergyCenter's ENERGY STAR module, we can compare the energy use of our facilities with those of similar facilities throughout the country. This allows us to measure our buildings' efficiency within a much larger, more appropriate context, rather than comparing our own buildings to one another. This helps us focus our conservation efforts more precisely."