Integration with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

Objective:  Make it simple to utilize the power of ENERGY STAR to support the client’s energy management program.

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager has an automated interface for exchange of information. NET is able upload facility attributes, space attributes and meter data for storage in the Portfolio Manager database, and to download scores for analysis and display in EnergyCenter. In effect, the Portfolio Manager database becomes an extension of EnergyCenter, such that direct login and utilization of the Portfolio Manager website is no longer required. In order to complete the integration with ENERGY STAR, NET works with the client to accomplish the following tasks:

  • For clients with an existing Portfolio Manager account, NET obtains the account ID and establishes a connection to the website. If a client does not have a Portfolio Manager account, NET creates an account on their behalf.
  • Consult with our client to determine whether meter data uploads should include water as well as energy data.
  • Work with our client to share our client’s Portfolio Manager facilities with NET’s ENERGY STAR account, and assign data exchange permissions to each facility.
  • Map each property (facility) in Portfolio Manager to its matching facility in EnergyCenter.
  • Map each meter in Portfolio Manager to its matching meter in EnergyCenter.
  • Test the connection to the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager interface to confirm that the EnergyCenter upload and download functions perform properly and that all data is sent and received as expected.
  • Provide training to our client, including specific instructions on how and when to upload and download data and to answer any questions or concerns.