IDR Database Construction

Objective:  Ensure our client’s EnergyCenter Interval Data database has the historical use information needed for comparison purposes.

NET will construct the Interval Data database with our client's historical data for electricity. This work includes coordination with utility vendors to establish the communication infrastructure and protocols required to collect data for each participating facility. The database will be populated with up to 12-months of historical 15-minute interval data values when available.

NET will complete the following steps to ensure that our client’s Interval Data database is ready to receive the daily harvesting of 15-minute Interval Data from the data source provider:

  • Obtain sample data files and related documentation from the client, utility vendor or other data provider.
  • Review data file formats and documentation.
  • Create corresponding file import definitions that allow the EnergyCenter software to interpret and load the IDR data.
  • Establish an electronic connection to the data provider as required for routine data retrieval.
  • Test the import process to ensure that all IDR intervals contained in the sample data files are interpreted and loaded as expected into the EnergyCenter database.
  • Load the historical 15-minute interval data into the EnergyCenter database for review by the client.