EnergyCenter 4.0 Features

As illustrated by the list of software features and functions below, the EnergyCenter's capabilities extend well beyond basic energy accounting.

 Organization Setup

 Facility Details

 Utility Billing

General Info

General Info


Utility Services

Contact People

Accounts & Meters

Facility Groups

Remodel History

Line Item Types

Production Metrics

Production Metrics

Data Entry

Occupancy Schedules

Data Entry Batches


Avoided Cost Setup

Bill Import

Getting Started

Efficiency Survey

Bill Export

Property Attributes

General Ledger Accounts

Property Uses (Spaces)

 Savings Actions

Meter Data

Facility Walk-Throughs

 Interval Data

Scores & Other Metrics

Facility Action Plans

IDR Meters

Projects / Contracts

IDR Alarms

 Other Resources

Efficiency Measures

IDR Graphs

Documents & Photos

Checklist Setup

Events Calendar


Useful Links (URLs)

News (Twitter & RSS)

 Facility Comparison Reports

 Miscellaneous Lists

Energy Blog

Facility Ranking Chart

Facility List

Facility Energy Use Comparison

Address List

 Historical Reports

Facility Energy Cost Comparison

Contact List

Historical Data by Service

Facility EUI Ranking Chart

Vendor List

Energy Use Graph

Facility EUI Ranking Report

Account List

Energy Cost Graph

Facility Type Benchmark

Meter List

Energy Use Trend

Facility Energy Use Change

Facility Group List

Energy Cost Trend

Facility Energy Cost Change

Historical Energy Use & Cost

Facility Line Item Comparison

 Savings & Avoided Cost Reports

Historical Energy Use Details

Efficiency Measures Savings Summary

Historical Energy Cost Details


Efficiency Measures Detail

Energy Use Breakdown Pie Chart

Energy Star Scores History Graph

Efficiency Measures Savings Breakdown

Energy Cost Breakdown Pie Chart

Energy Star Score Gauge

Savings Timeline

Historical Utility Use & Cost

Energy Star Scores Ranking

Avoided Cost Setup Summary

Historical Utility Use Details

Avoided Usage and Cost Summary

Historical Utility Cost Details

 Weather Data Reports

Avoided Usage and Cost Details

Utility Cost Breakdown Pie Chart

Monthly Degree Days

Facility Avoided Cost Comparison

Line Item Use & Cost

Daily Weather Data

Hourly Temperature & Humidity

 Bill Review Reports

Bill History

Bill Analysis

Utility Bill Gaps

Account Review

Bill Import Statistics

Batch Statistics