Daily IDR Database Maintenance

Objective:  Provide high quality data and service to support the client as they integrate the use of 15-minute Interval Data profiles into our client’s energy management program.

NET will collect, organize, and validate data to ensure that meter readings are available for timely review by the customer on a daily basis. NET’s routine processing includes the following steps:

  • Harvest data for each active IDR meter from its corresponding data provider. IDR data is collected daily, Monday through Friday with the exception of Federal Holidays.
  • Transfer harvested IDR to the EnergyCenter database where it will be available for review on graphs and reports.
  • Validate data for all active meters on a weekly basis.
  • Complete missing intervals with estimated values based on historical averages.
  • Work with utility companies and other data providers to troubleshoot issues related to data availability and connectivity.
  • Maintain and archive all harvested IDR data, including the original data files collected from each data provider.
  • Respond to client questions and/or problem reports as necessary.